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Oakshire Financial is comprised of a wide variety of Wall Street professionals – from equity analysts to futures floor traders – all independent thinkers and all capital market veterans.

As the markets fall victim to increasing volatility, it’s obvious that the general investing public is in need of fresh ideas and unique independent investment research.

In 2007, the Oakshire Financial research team left the bureaucracy of Wall Street behind and set out to build an investment think tank second to none…

We know you deserve more than what is currently being offered to the investment community. Being investors ourselves, we know it’s absolutely imperative that one keep abreast of new developments in an ever-changing market.

Our goal is to provide you with unique analysis and ideas that will help you invest successfully – in both bull and bear markets. With the vast amount of speculation and volatility in the markets today, you can’t afford to wait for information – investors like you need it now and you need it constantly.

Our analysts are veterans of some of the most well-recognized financial firms in the world. We bring real-world expertise in financial analysis, banking, financial advisory and money management to a new generation of independent investment research.

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We sell subscriptions to our independent investment research newsletters.  We have newsletters for every type of investment strategy and have employed some of most talented analysts in the industry to write for us.  Our analysis is witty and profitable – you won’t be disappointed.

We have over 25 years of experience in the investing industry – our analysts have worked in almost every aspect of the investment industry – everything from financial analysts to stockbrokers to commodities traders.

We are a group of investment savvy individuals with a ton of experience that wants to do right by the average investor.  We have seen the ugly side of this industry and we want to fight it – some would even call Oakshire a sort of renegade of Wall Street.

The way we see it, everyone wins when you join the Oakshire family.   As a subscriber or reader of our free market commentary you will receive a plethora of great investment ideas aimed at making you money in the stock market from a company that is far away from Wall Street and uncorrupted by all of the insider malarky.


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Meet Our Analysts

Neil L. DeFalco – CEO & President

Neil has dabbled in almost every aspect of the capital and money markets – from trading and financial advisory to writing several successful financial newsletters for some of the largest financial publishing companies in the business.

Educated in Finance and Economics at the University of Maryland, Neil studied the philosophies of Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. During college, Neil apprenticed at UBS Paine Webber and was schooled in the “bread and butter”? of value investing. After college, he started a successful career as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley before becoming a money manager for Ventura Investments.

After several hectic, but extremely successful years, Neil decided to focus his energy on analysis and use the knowledge he had gained to help others achieve success in the stock market. In 2008 he launched Oakshire Financial with the goal of providing investors with choice through quality information.  He is a respected voice in the investment community and has been quoted on several prominent financial websites, such as CNBC and MSN Money, where his articles are consistently top ranked by MSN Money website visitors.  In addition to publishing independent investment research, Oakshire Financial also started a proprietary trading desk and a money management firm called Vetta Investments.

Neil is an expert in fundamental stock and option investing and carries with him a unique understanding of the global markets and economies. He provided subscribers with astounding gains of 1,030.2% on China’s Exchange-Traded Fund (FXI), 320.4% on Brazilian PetroBras (NYSE:PBR), and 100% on NueroChem Pharmaceutical (NRMX).

“Investing needs to be methodical and counter-intuitive.  When things are terrible, buy as much as you can.  When the market is on a run, consider put options. Always protect yourself with stop losses and options.  Treat investing like a business and don’t get too emotional…?

Neil has recently written a book for John Wiley & Sons called The Profit Hunter:  Beating the Bulls, Taming the Bears, and Slaughtering the Pigs…

John K. Whitehall – Quantitative Analyst

John has a solid decade of experience in the financial markets: from developing and implementing long-term investment strategies for high net worth clientele to intraday trading of equities, exchange-traded funds, options, and currencies.

John’s track record of accurate equity analysis coupled with a mastery of technical indicators has afforded him great success in trading equities on major exchanges. John is most renowned among his peers for consistent, high returns during the vicious tech collapse and subsequent years of unstable trading periods through 2004.

During his time earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and a Master of Arts in Mathematics from Widener University, John mastered technical analysis and honed his trading discipline. His professional trading experience includes serving as an ECN market maker and firm capital trader for a private company in New York City, in addition to assisting in the expansion of that firm to King of Prussia, PA.

Matt McAbby – Quantitative Analyst

After graduating from Harvard University in 1989, Matt worked as a financial advisor at Wood Gundy Private Client Investments (now CIBC World Markets). After several successful years, he moved over to the analysis side of the business and has written extensively for some of corporate Canada’s largest financial institutions.

Matt’s successful approach to investing combines brute strength, unconventional instruments, and creative strategy in all market environments. His knack for exposing weaknesses and exploiting market opportunity is proven in both bull and bear markets and his martial approach to investing is unique in the world of professional market advisories.

Matt’s proprietary measure of investor sentiment, the SENTIMETER, marks intermediate trend turning points in the major market averages and consistently proves effective in identifying tremendously lucrative option-selling opportunities. Matt is an expert chartist and the former editor of Intermediate Trend.

Nicholas Jones – Commodities Analyst

Nick has spent several years researching and preparing for the ripsaws in today’s financial markets. Through independent research on commodities markets and free-market macroeconomics, he brings a worldly understanding to all who participate in this particular financial climate.

Nick was educated at the University of Minnesota in economics, statistics and mathematics. He took his educational background to Wall Street, where he worked for some of the largest independent financial research firms in the business. He counseled readers on favorite micro-cap commodity plays along with a broad array of market analysis.

Along with his market analysis expertise comes Nick’s ongoing demand for pure free market economics.  In no place are free markets and capitalism more present than the futures exchanges of the United States.  Nick learned the basis of futures markets from the ground up.  From his beginnings as a market observer for the Minneapolis Grain Exchangeto his current  position as a member of the National Futures Association (NFA), Nick has employed tactics learned from the wheat futures pit and used them to build a successful career as a trader of financial and commodity derivatives markets.  He looks to apply those skills and lessons to identify for his readers financial opportunities as they present themselves.

Nick Thomas – Quantitative Analyst

Nick Thomas is a seasoned veteran of technical analysis and has mastered all intraday trading in stocks, options, futures, and Forex. He prefers to scout investments as one asset class of many and shapes his investment strategies accordingly. Nick writes extensively on offshore banking and tax havens and is active in the career development field of independent investment research.

Billy Fisher – ETF and Mutual Fund Guru

The epitome of a Wall Street “Gladiator”?, going the extra distance day in and day out to expose, buy, and sell signals through advanced investment strategies. An accountant by trade, Billy has both the experience and know-how to capture true gains in the market. He was educated at Canisius College for his undergrad and completed his graduate work at Notre Dame.

Billy’s mastery of company balance sheets and income statements drove him to excel in attaining his CPA license while working for Ernst & Young and his passion for the markets, accompanied by a unique trading approach, has virtually sent ripples through the investment research industry.

Fisher has been a frequent contributor to The Motley Fool and, illustrating his expertise in ETF’s and periodically profiling mutual funds and small cap equity plays through Investor Business Daily and SmallCapInvestor, respectively.

Shannon Roxborough – Senior Foreign Correspondent

Shannon Roxborough has covered stocks and companies spanning all business sectors. A former risk analyst in the Far East, where he taught himself to read, write and speak Chinese, Shannon is an international consultant renowned as an expert on global lifestyles. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the areas of offshore planning, living, and retiring abroad, he’s helped clients relocate to and do business in over 60 countries, has assisted the governments of Sri Lanka and Ethiopia with promoting trade and tourism, was considered for an official diplomatic post with the latter, and has been a geopolitical forecaster since 1987.

Once a correspondent with Money magazine as a freelancer, Shannon has written extensively about international investing, luxury lifestyles, and travel for a wide range of national and international publications.

Shannon is the China investment specialist with, pens a real estate column for The Record newspaper (, and has recently launched, a newsletter on international living, tax havens, offshore banking, and privacy.