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Even Unrest in Egypt and $100 Oil Can’t Stop this Bubble from Bursting

The about-to-be-toppled Egyptian regime has sparked fears of upheaval sweeping through the remaining U.S. friendly regimes in the world’s oil heartland. Nowhere is the growing uncertainty more apparent than in the oil markets. Today, oil prices continue to their fear-driven surge. A barrel of Brent crude passed $100 for the first time over two years. Oil and energy stocks mostly followed suit and led the major indices to another day of gains. The surge in oil prices didn’t bring all energy-related stocks along with it though. The divergence shows how truly weak one of the hottest sectors in the world has grown over the last few weeks and confirms this micro-bubble is likely about to burst. Best of all, as this bubble burst though, a real opportunity is filling its void that al

On the Seismic Geopolitical Expialidocious

There’s no doubt that geopolitical events have the potential to roil markets.  And it’s equally true that consideration of the broader sweep of history and its attendant social transformations can offer intelligent investors a chance to profit.  So, too, however, is it easy to miscalculate the impact of politics – and even significant military events – on the course of bull and bear markets.  Especially in a world driven by 24 hour, live-hype media that would have you believe the sky is falling every time Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hiccups. A great example of an historical event that directly impacted the longer term course of the markets was the fall of the Berlin Wall.  For whatever it accomplished for the local Eastern European population, it was an undenia