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Track Record

Last Updated: October 1st, 2012

The following methodology was used for the Wall Street Elite scorecard

At the least expensive online brokerages, a zero premium trade with 10 pairs of options traded would cost investors roughly $15 to initiate.  Using this as the base cost, we’ve calculated the profits on the trades below, knowing that either more or less pairs traded will change the P/L results dramatically.

It is important to note that Oakshire Financial did not include costs to close the trades.  Sometimes these trades were closed at expiry (without commissions), while others were closed out early.  For the sake of uniformity, we’ve left closing commissions out of the calculation altogether.  In a worst case scenario, investors had to shell out another $15 to close before expiry.

All percentages are calculated as honestly as possible, but timing and execution must be assumed in order to offer a successful glimpse into our premium newsletter track record.